Trump On Biden (Afghanistan): ‘It’s Like The Captain Of A Ship Jumping Before The People Are Off’


Former President Donald Trump joined BlazeTV’s “Rick and Bubba” morning show Friday and hit the Biden administration hard on the tragic military exit from Afghanistan.

Rick kicked off the interview with a most pressing question: Will Trump run for president in 2024, or will he be a rally man behind the scenes?

“Maybe both,” Trump responded, adding, “because of the campaign laws, you aren’t allowed to say [if you plan on running] but, I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

“What was your plan for [the U. S.] leaving Afghanistan?” Rick asked.

“Our plan was going to be very simple: We get the civilians out, and we get others out that need to be gotten out,” Trump replied. “We get our billions of dollars of equipment out. … We don’t leave it to these people [the Taliban] knowing that they are probably going to be taking over as soon as we stop fighting. Then we bomb the hell out of our military bases. Then, last but not least, comes out our military, and everything is done.”

Trump went on to say that his plan was seamless and simple and that “a first-grade student knows you have to get c… (Read more)

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