Trump Officially Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign. He’s Determined to Win 4 MORE YEARS


His election victory took everyone by surprise, perhaps even him.

But now that he’s in office, President Trump is dead set on keeping his promise to “Make America Great Again.” And to do it, he’s going to need more time.

Four more years, to be exact.

With that in mind, President Trump will next week officially kick off his 2020 reelection campaign with a fundraising event in Washington, DC.

In truth, Trump began his reelection efforts on Inauguration Day by filing his Federal Election Commission paperwork earlier than any sitting president in history.

Fox News reports:

President Trump’s campaign will hold its first fundraiser since the 2016 election next week at the president’s Washington, D.C. hotel, Fox News confirms.

The June 28 event will take place at Trump International Hotel, and will serve as the first re-election fundraiser for President Trump.

According to the campaign, the event is in support of Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee of the Republican National Committee and Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

The event next week will be for larger donors, according to a member of the Trump fundraising team.

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According to media reports, the initial invitation, which did not state the location of the event hosted by RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and National Finance Chairman Steve Wynn, attendees will donate $35,000 per person. For $100,000, guests will be considered part of the “host committee.”

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