Trump Motorcade ATTACKED in Florida; MASSIVE Manhunt Underway


The anti-Trump movement has gone far beyond legitimate political protest and into the realm of outright criminal.

The president spent the weekend with his family at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. On the way there, the unthinkable happened.

A mob of protesters waiting on the side of the road ambushed the presidential motorcade.

They hurled stones and other objects hitting at least one of the motorcade vehicles.

The protesters were also reportedly shouting death threats at the president.

It is unclear if Trump’s car was the one that was hit, but the entire incident was enormously frightening for the First Family.

The Secret Service confirmed the attack:

“The Secret Service can confirm that an object appears to have been thrown at the motorcade this afternoon. We are investigating at this time and don’t have anything further.”

A massive manhunt was later launched to find and apprehend the assailants.

Freedom Daily has an idea about where the blame for such attacks should be placed:

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I lay this entirely at the feet of Obama. He has emboldened these thugs into thinking that they can get away with these actions. If these protesters have an issue they can use their big people words and express themselves. Throwing objects and hurling death threats at the president is not exactly winning them any fans, nor will it.

All I can hope is that they will grow weary of this and move on already. But, with Obama continually fanning the flames of division it seems highly unlikely.

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