Trump Meets with Father of Slain Soldier, He’s Finally Speaking Out and Demolishes the Liberal Media


Folks, liberal media is after Trump again for what he said and didn’t say to the widow of faller soldier.

Fredrica Wilson is hitting all the talk shows to bash Trump.

Trump denies that he told the widow “he knew what he signed up for” but even if he said it so what?

Does anyone think that our brave soldiers don’t know what they signed up for? They are there to fight for our freedom.

Arnold Wright, the father of Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright broke his silence to speak about liberal media.

Speaking about the call with Trump he said,

“He talked to me about the loss of my son and how he served with honor and dignity and he just wanted to give me a call to thank me. I told him the kind of man Dustin was. We talked about his deployment. We got troops out there with no air cover. There are still teams in the country. That was the main point that was the conversation. The tone was great. His comments were appropriate.”
When asked about the recent controversy Wright destroyed the hysterical media,

“I’ll say it: my son knew what he signed up for. He signed up to be a green beret. He had no illusions about what that meant. My son came from a military family with a tradition that dates back to 1812. He fully knew what it means to serve and the risk involved.”

H/T: Time

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