Trump Meets With China’s President, Then His Granddaughter Walks In and Does the UNTHINKABLE


President Trump was in the middle of a fateful meeting with visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping when his granddaughter walked in the room and did something that left everyone SPEECHLESS.

Everyone knows that Trump’s door (including his Oval Office door) are open at all times. But was that the right time for something like this?

As Trump stood there talking to Xi and his wife, Peng Liyuan, Ivanka Trump’s daughter Arabella walked up and started singing.

She was quickly joined by her brother Joseph in performing a song IN CHINESE for the visiting dignitaries.

Ivanka couldn’t have been more proud:

After the performance, Ivanka told Xi: “We wanted to make you feel at home.”

There may be a lot of tension between China and the US at present, but this little welcome demonstrates just how very skilled the Trumps are at courting and negotiating with even their opponents.

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It’s so nice to have REAL leaders in the White House for a change.

H/T Hot Political News

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