Trump Makes Sudden Call to Putin, Leaves Him With 2 Words He’ll Never Forget


Despite rising tension in Syria, President Trump is still looking to improve relations with Russia for the sake of global security.

Liberals are trying to use that fact against Trump, but that’s how real leadership works.

And that’s why Trump was quick to personally phone Russian President Vladimir Putin after a Muslim terrorist bombed a subway in St. Petersburg, killing more than a dozen people.

From Western Journalism:

In the wake of the deadly bombing on a subway train in St. Petersburg, Russia, President Donald Trump called President Vladimir Putin to offer his condolences for those killed and wounded, also promising the “full support” of the United States in identifying those responsible and seeing that they are punished.

“President Trump offered the full support of the United States Government in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice,” read a White House statement released Monday. “Both President Trump and President Putin agreed that terrorism must be decisively and quickly defeated.”

There’s a lot that the US under Trump and Russia can do together to defeat Islamic terrorism around the world.

But rising tension between the two powers over the situation in Syria could lead to a head-on collision that derails those efforts.

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