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Trump LIVID After House Democrats Again BETRAY Israel


It’s claimed that support for Israel is a bipartisan matter in America.

But President Trump is exposing that lie more and more every day as he forces Democrats and Liberals to show their true anti-Israel colors.

In his landmark meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month, Trump caused a political earthquake by suggesting he was not married to the so-called “two-state solution.”

That was music to Israeli ears.

While most Israelis still support the two-state solution, they are growing increasingly wary that it’s even possible to implement.

And they certainly didn’t want Washington shoving a dangerous and bad deal down their throats.

And Trump effectively said he will never do that.

But House Democrats signaled that’s precisely what they want to do – shove a deal down Israel’s throat even if it puts the Jewish state in mortal danger.

A letter to Trump signed by 187 out of 193 House Democrats read:

“It is our belief that a one-state outcome risks destroying Israel’s Jewish and democratic character, denies the Palestinians fulfillment of their legitimate aspirations, and would leave both Israelis and Palestinians embroiled in an endless and intractable conflict for generations to come.”

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The Democrats couch their position in flowery language about wanting to protect Israel’s democratic nature.

But they blatantly ignore the behavior and pronouncements of the Palestinians and other Arab groups, which remain dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

They also completely ignore the results of past Israeli land concessions, which have only led to more bloodshed and terror.

A Palestinian state means a future of unending and escalating terror for Israelis.

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But Democrats don’t care. Their legacy is far more important than the safety of our allies.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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