Trump Just Went After Sanctuary Cities in a BIG WAY, and Americans are CHEERING


Liberals just don’t seem to get it. President Trump is NOT playing games.

And he will NOT tolerate liberal government officials illegally defying his orders. Boulder County, Colorado just learned that the hard way. And soon other “sanctuary cities” will, too.

If these liberal municipalities are not going to comply with federal laws regarding illegal aliens, then Trump is coming after them.

And one way he’s doing that is by publishing a “List of Shame.”

Trump has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to publish a “Weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Report.”

In it, the federal government reveals just who are the illegal aliens that these sanctuary cities are protecting.

In the case of Boulder County, it was three illegal aliens with assault convictions, one burglar and two with drug convictions.

Local authorities released these people back into the population rather than turn them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Even though they were in the country illegally.

And even though they may very likely go on to hurt innocent citizens.

This is the kind of ludicrous behavior Trump is faced with. So he’s fighting fire with fire.

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Source: WorldNetDaily

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