Trump Just Went After Dems Harder Than Every Before – They’re Panicking Over What He Plans to Take Away


Their credibility, if not their sanity – that’s what he’s taking.

Perhaps President Trump could have found a more tactful way of putting it. On the other hand, isn’t that one of the things we love about Trump – his refreshingly straightforward manner of speaking?

Earlier this week, Trump slammed Democratic representatives for sitting on their hands with pouty faces during his entire State of the Union address.

“They were like death and un-American,” Trump said during a rally in Ohio. “Somebody said ‘treasonous.’ I mean, yeah, I guess, why not? Can we call that treason? Why not?”

Liberals everywhere went absolutely nuts over the remark, accusing Trump of censuring people merely for not applauding his speech.

As usual, liberals totally misconstrued Trump’s meaning.

He wasn’t accusing anyone of treason for not clapping for him, like some vain Roman emperor.

Trump called those Democratic reps who sat there frowning un-America and even possibly treasonous for refusing to acknowledge our national symbols and heroes.

Not once, not twice, but numerous times those Democrats refused to stand when the rest of the room was paying respects not to partisan issues, but to genuine American heroes.

Those were moments that should have transcended party lines.

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And you can be sure that if Republicans had done the same during similar moments when Obama was president, the media itself would have labeled them as “traitors.”

The reason that Trump’s charge is bothering liberals so much is precisely because it’s true.

What’s more, it’s just one more instance of Trump successfully painting Democrats as unpatriotic, which is going to hurt them in upcoming elections.

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