Trump Just Silenced EVERY BODY With What He Sent to Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico


Predictably, liberals have been trying to use the recent devastating hurricanes to bash President Trump.

It has largely failed. But they’re trying again in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria ravaging the US territory of Puerto Rico.

Not giving the president even a moment to breath, liberals, led by Hillary Clinton, slammed Trump for not doing more to help the island.

Of course, Trump and the federal government were planning to help Puerto Rico all along, and silenced the critics by dispatching the US Navy.

From The New York Post:

The Trump administration sent a massive Navy ship to aid the growing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico — two days after Hillary Clinton pleaded with him to dispatch the vessel.

The administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Tuesday that a flotilla of ships were on their way to the island — including the USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship.

“We’re dramatically increasing the federal footprint that’s there,” FEMA administrator Brock Long said outside the White House.

Trump also announced that he plans to visit Puerto Rico next week to assess the situation personally.

The opportunistic Clinton, meanwhile, was busy trying to claim credit for forcing Trump to do what he was planning to do all along.

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