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Trump Just Sent an Unexpected and Crystal Clear Message to the Middle East


You can’t make it any more plain than this.

President Trump’s peace envoys were in the Middle East this week, and there was one thing they very conspicuously did NOT do – meet with the Palestinian Authority.

Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt visited Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and several other Middle East countries to push Trump’s new peace plan for the Israelis and Palestinians.

And yet, they avoided the Palestinian Authority entirely. The message was clear: The Palestinian leadership is no longer relevant to concluding a peace agreement.

Kushner addressed the Palestinian public via a local newspaper, Al Quds, urging them not to continue being led down a path of violence and conflict they their “scared” leadership.

The transcript of Kushner’s interview was made public by the White House. In it, Kusher said:

“There have been countless mistakes and missed opportunities over the years, and you, the Palestinian people, have paid the price. Don’t let your leadership reject a plan they haven’t even seen. A lot has happened in the world since this conflict began decades ago. The world has moved forward while you have been left behind. Don’t allow your grandfather’s conflict to determine your children’s future.”

Many in Israel fear Trump’s peace plan might contain heavy concessions by the Jewish state in return for the president’s firm stand on Iran’s nuclear program and the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

However, so long as the Palestinian leadership is effectively boycotting the Trump Administration, there is little hope of the peace process moving forward, for better or for worse.

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