Trump Just Made NATO Do What Obama Never Could


Donald Trump keeps proving that he’s twice the president Barack Obama ever was, and it’s America that’s reaping the rewards.

It almost seems as if Trump was hardly trying when he got NATO to do something Barack Obama could never accomplish.

For decades, the US has been footing the bulk of the bill for NATO expenditures. And that’s a big bill.

It hardly seems fair, given that NATO primarily exists to defend Europe against Russian aggression. So, why is America paying most of the cost?

That’s exactly what Trump asked our NATO allies in a scathing address last month.

The result? Every NATO nation EXCEPT for the US has now agreed to increase its contribution by 4.3%.

To put that into real world figures, our European allies and Canada will pony up an additional $12 billion for defense, taken a substantial portion of the financial burden off America’s shoulders.

Does anyone remember Obama ever scoring such a major diplomatic victory?

I sure don’t.

Source: The Daily Mail

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