Trump Just Made More Sense in ONE TWEET Than Obama Did in 8 Years


Donald Trump is already shaping up to be the most no-nonsense president American has every had.

And he’s not even yet in office (well, he might be by the time you are reading this)!

We all know by now how much Trump likes to tweet.

Actually, he said he didn’t like Twitter all that much, but that it does give him a platform to reach directly to the people without having to go through the gatekeepers in the liberal mainstream media.

That’s already a sign of a simple, no-nonsense approach that shows us how much we can trust this man.

Well, in one of his many tweets this week, Trump laid down another piece of common sense that demonstrates just how different his presidency is going to be from that of Barack Obama:

“Drug test will be mandatory before receiving anything the government has to offer! We have to clean up these streets.”

The post was later removed from Twitter, but not before a flood of followers tweeted their approval, and asked Trump to apply that rule to people drawing a government salary, like members of Congress.

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