Trump Just Got the Best News of His Presidency – Americans are Cheering


Little surprise that the mainstream media has failed to give this news the coverage it deserves.

Of course, it does directly contradict the liberal narrative in regards to the effectiveness of Trump’s presidency.

But, unsurprisingly to those of us who just want to return this nation to its former glory, a majority of Americans are saying they now support Trump’s tax reforms.

Conducted by SurveyMonkey, the poll revealed that 51 percent of Americans now back Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, while 46 percent oppose it.

That’s a pretty significant shift, especially considering how hard Democrats and the mainstream media have been working to make the legislation look as bad as possible.

SurveyMonkey’s chief research officer, Jon Cohen, told the New York Times:

“Public opinion is moving in the direction of this bill. Considering where it was, it is dramatically different.”

What’s most telling is the increase in support for the bill among Democratic votes.

Back in December, just eight percent of American Democrats approved of Trump’s tax cuts. Today, 19 percent are on board.

Via Breitbart

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