Trump Just Crossed a Line That No Other President Before Him Dared to Cross


They’re calling Trump everything from visionary to pyromaniac after he decided to take a major foreign policy step that no other president before him has dared to take.

For decades now, US presidential candidates have included support for Israel’s claim to Jerusalem in their campaign platforms.

But not one has actually entered the White House and followed through on that support by officially declaring Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital and moving the US Embassy there.

No one before Trump, that is.

Trump has been bristling over opposition within his own government to the embassy move, but seems to have found a temporary compromise.

White House officials confirmed that Trump will sign the waiver that allows the president to defer the embassy move, but that he’ll offset that by publicly declaring a shift in US policy by officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The embassy, Trump’s people insisted, will still be relocated, but the actual move will take some years, so it makes sense to do things in this order.

Israeli officials called Trump’s move visionary, and insisted it would actually help propel peace forward by removing Arab speculation that Israel might still be forced to give up its red lines.

Arab officials called the move catastrophic, and accused Trump of being a “pyromaniac” who’s determined to see the Middle East burn.

Source: Times of Israel

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