Trump Jr. Demolishes Hollywood’s Top Actress For Attacking His Father


Until recently, Jennifer Lawrence was the highest paid actress in Hollywood, but a fairly sizable margin. She was the most bankable movie star on the planet.

But, did that status give her the right to publicly vilify at every opportunity President Trump and the many millions of Americans who voted for him?

After all, Lawrence is paid to entertain us, not lecture us and the leader of the free world on policy matters. That’s not her expertise. Not even close.

Lawrence recently told Oprah that if she ever gets the chance to meet Trump face-to-face, she’s going to unleash a liberal tirade punctuated with a “martini to the face.”

Donald Trump Jr. quickly put the obnoxious actress in her place.

Clearly, Lawrence, like the many other Hollywood celebrities who have threatened physical harm to the president, is too dense to realize that’s a federal crime.

Not liking the sitting president doesn’t excuse one from their obligation to abide by the law.

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How many Republican celebrities did we hear threatening to assault Barack Obama? Oh, that’s right, NONE!

H/T Independent Journal Review

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