BREAKING: Trump Issues DRAMATIC Ultimatum to Russia… Warns He is NOT a Weakling Like OBAMA


The media has tried to paint a picture of President Trump working for Russia. But, as Trump has told us numerous times, with him it’s AMERICA FIRST!

And he demonstrated that on Tuesday, BIG TIME, by issuing a dramatic ultimatum to Russia.

Trump’s White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, told reporters that the president demands Russia deescalate the situation in Ukraine and surrender Crimea.

Spicer was sure to point out that the Obama Administration “allowed [Crimea] to be seized by Russia.”

Who’s working for Russia now, liberals?

By contrast, on her very first day in office, Trump instructed his new Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, to publicly denounce the Russian occupation of Crimea.

That doesn’t mean Trump isn’t seeking a good working relationship with Russia.

He’s just not going to take the Democrats’ approach of making Moscow into some kind of bogeyman and then cowering in the corner while giving the monster free reign.

This is what REAL leadership looks like.

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H/T The Right Scoop

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