Trump is PISSED After Palestinians Throw Eggs at American Diplomats


The US provides hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid to the Palestinians.

And this is the thanks we get?

You see, the Palestinians want to have their cake and eat it too, as the saying goes.

In other words, they expect us to keep footing their bill, but will absolutely not tolerate us doing anything that goes against their agenda.

Like moving the US Embassy to the actual capital city of Israel, Jerusalem.

The Palestinians themselves claim Jerusalem, and reject any notion that Israel and the Jews have a historic connection to the city.

Trump is the first American president to not only reject the skewed Palestinian narrative, but to actually put action to his words, which he did when our embassy to Israel was moved to Jerusalem last week.

Palestinians in the nearby Bethlehem suburb of Beit Jala responded by egging a group of American diplomats who were there as part of a program to “promote educational and cultural exchange.”

They were there to help, and the Palestinians attacked them.

The Trump Administration was NOT impressed.

A statement released by the State Department slammed the Palestinians for their childishly aggressive behavior:

“The objective was clearly intimidation. The United States absolutely opposes the use of violence and intimidation to express political views.”

Source: Times of Israel

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