Trump is Furious After Finding Out What North Korean Cheerleaders are Chanting at the Olympics


The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are as much about politics as it is about sport.

How could it be otherwise with the games being hosted in South Korea, and with North Korea having successfully negotiated its own participation?

And, boy, oh, boy, is North Korea really taking advantage of the opportunity.

Pyongyang actually sent a large squad of cheerleaders to the games, as though this was some high school basketball tournament.

Some enterprising reporters decided to film and translate several of the cheers:

All the chants are fairly standard cheers, like those you’d expect to hear at any sporting event.

What’s really got the Trump Administration irked is WHY North Korea sent those cheerleaders to make such a spectacle.

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It’s about more than just an international charm offensive.

Kim Jong-Un is trying very hard to drive a wedge between America and South Korea, and if the warm reception these cheerleaders have received is any indication, the scheme might be working.

Kim also sent his sister, Kim Yo Jong, to the games, where she helped orchestrate both North and South Korean athletes walking out during the opening ceremony together under a flag of unity.

Kim Yon Jong also had lunch with South Korea’s president, and invited him to visit the North in the coming months.

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North Korea might be a backwards, nearly medieval regime, but they’ve still got some tricks up their sleeves.

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