Trump is Doing One CRITICAL Thing That Obama Refused To Do


It’s been pointed out numerous times now that President Trump has accomplished more in 40 days than Obama did in 8 years.

There are several reasons for that, but one critical point really stands out.

Obama is an entitled and arrogant man.

Trump, despite being incredibly wealthy and powerful, is more interested in actions than words.

He’s also willing to listen, to anyone, no matter how far down the totem they may be.

Andrew Malcom described Trump’s approach in McClatchy:

Trump prefers that personal touch, as he did in his real estate dealing days, the opposite of aloof. He and Vice President Mike Pence are holding a series of “listening sessions” with leaders from education, small business, big business, community banks and so forth.

Somehow, recent encouraging economic news and the administration’s legislative agenda always come up, starting with Obamacare’s repeal and replacement, then tax reform. And most sessions end with POTUS inviting attendees into the Oval Office for a once-rare, much-coveted photo in that fabled place.

Such focused attention by a president tends to increase support and mute disagreement, while fueling positive word-of-mouth about him and his plans, almost like an investment in a long-term real estate deal.

He then compared that to Obama’s approach:

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Obama wasn’t big on listening sessions; he preferred talking ones. He didn’t meet with the GOP’s Senate leadership, for instance, until his 542nd day in office. The irony is Obama’s party had such firm control of Congress back in 2009 and 2010 that it could ram through the immense bill with not a single Republican vote.

Trump knows how to negotiate and close a deal. He’s been doing it, famously, for decades.

And that ability has served him well in governing, too.

H/T The Federalist Papers

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