Trump is Angry at Israel


Trump has without question been the most Israel-friendly president ever.

But there could be trouble in paradise.

Israel’s conservative leadership still likes to play things diplomatically, fearing negative international backlash if it strays outside the boundaries of acceptable progressive behavior.

Trump is trying to break that mold. And he’s not too happy about his good friend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, inadvertently getting in the way.

Israel has decided to grant entry to congressional freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib despite them both being venomous detractors of the Jewish state.

Omar and Tlaib are on record supporting anti-Israel boycott movements, parroting outrageous claims of supposed Israeli crimes, and even questioning the veracity of the Nazi Holocaust.

In other words, they are clear anti-Semites. And Israel’s letting them in to avoid criticism on the international stage, and in particular to steer clear of upsetting a Democrat-led Congress with which Jerusalem usually has very warm relations.

Trump thinks that’s a big mistake.

According to a verified report by Axios, while Trump refrained from giving any directives to Netanyahu and Israel, he did convey the message that if Omar and Tlaib want to boycott Israel, “then Israel should boycott them.”

Netanyahu’s office did not deny receiving such a message from the president, but did say that it couldn’t discuss the matter publicly due to the great sensitivity of the matter.

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Denying entry to US Representatives would be a pretty severe step for an ally of the US to take. On the other hand, many, like Trump, consider it a serious slap in the faces of our allies that people like Omar and Tlaib were elected to Congress.

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