Trump is About to Save Americans MILLIONS by Demolishing ‘OBAMAPHONE’


The amount of taxpayers’ dollars that was wasted or simply disappeared behind layers of corruption under Obama is simply staggering.

President Trump is going after Obama’s corrupt programs one-by-one, and next in his sights is “Obamaphone.”

The program actually began under Reagan as “Lifeline,” a subsidized landline phone service for low-income families.

It was expanded under George W. Bush to include mobile phone service.

Under Obama, the program mushroomed, earning it the label “Obamaphone.”

It got so big and unwieldy that unscrupulous mobile companies were signing up thousands of non-existent people to the program every month, pocketing MILLIONS in federal subsidies.

And Obama did next to nothing about it.

After all, it was only YOUR tax dollars going to waste. What’s that in comparison to all the welfare leeches Obama was able to get to vote for him by giving them free phones?

Trump’s head of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, is in favor of keeping the program going, and even expanding it to include Internet service, BUT only if spending is cut drastically.

Presently, the program has an annual budget of $2.25 billion, but Pai is pushing for a spending cap of $1.5 billion.

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That should be easy to achieve once you cut out all the corruption, and ONLY provide the service to those who REALLY need it. In other words, get rid of the LEECHES.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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