Trump Invites Colin Kaepernick to the White House. Yes, Really


This one’s going to leave a lot of folks scratching their heads.

But, apparently President Trump is very serious about inviting race-baiting former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the White House.

That according to pastor Darrell Scott, one of Trump’s trusted Christian advisers.

Scott was himself at the White House last week for National Day of Prayer ceremony and told People magazine that he got a few minutes alone with the president.

What the two discussed was a series of summits addressing race issues.

As part of that effort, Trump wants to invite a variety of black celebrities and cultural figures–including Kanye West and Jim Brown–to the White House to hash out some real solutions.

But, Scott said that neither he nor the president want to create a simple echo chamber, and so are looking to bring in antagonists like Kaepernick to represent even the extreme views.

Our fear is that Trump is walking into a minefield.

People like Colin Kaepernick can’t be reasoned with, and will never accept compromise or any other real solution. They just want to see the world burn.

Via Conservative Tribune

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