Trump Post-Inauguration Plans Have Obama, Democrats FUMING


President-elect Donald Trump is again showing up Obama and the Democrats, but not in the way you might think.

Trump is criticized for being an arrogant “celebrity” president. But his inauguration plans prove, yet again, that it’s Obama who’s guilty of self-worship.

Obama’s inauguration was followed by a GREAT MANY formal balls and a massive parade. All to honor himself.

Trump’s inauguration, by comparison, will be followed by seven FEWER balls and a much shorter parade.

That’s because Trump is more interested in getting down to work, rather than celebrating himself and his victory.

“There will three balls instead of 10, as there were in 2009 with President Obama because this president—Donald J. Trump—is all about getting to work and making sure Americans are safe in their homes, safe in their jobs,” Boris Epshteyn, the director of communications for the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC), told Breitbart News.

Even before taking office, Trump has already concluded deals to bring 8,000 telecom and hi-tech jobs back to America.

The inauguration is also going to focus much more on average Americans, rather than being the kind of high society affair Obama preferred.

“It’s not about any one celebrity or any one entertainer or about any of those folks sipping champagne and cocktails somewhere in the Hamptons or in Beverly Hills,” said Epshteyn. “It’s about the American people. We’re so proud of the amount of support and outreach we’ve received from all over the country. This inaugural will represent the people.”

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