President Trump Hosts Offensive Guests at White House


Many Americans were none too pleased with President Trump’s selection of White House guests. Some might even call it offensive.

And it has certainly increased calls for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump, whose Christian credentials many question, has brazenly sought the counsel of the nation’s top pastors and regularly allowed them to pray over him.

A group of about 30 such Christian leaders were invited to the White House recently not only to pray for Trump, but to advise on a wide range of political issues.

From The Washington Post:

The leaders met with Jennifer Korn, deputy director and liaison from the White House, for a day-long meeting to discuss several issues, including the Affordable Care Act, religious freedom, pending judicial nominees, criminal justice reform and support for Israel. During their visit the leaders paid a visit to the Oval Office where Vice President Pence and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, dropped in.

During the visit, a smaller group entered the Oval Office to speak with Trump. While there, they laid hands on the president and sought God’s blessing, wisdom and direction.

Johnnie Moore, who handles media relations for several of the ministries represented, said the Trump White House is in regular contact with many of these Evangelical Christian leaders.

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If you thought liberals were upset about Ivanka Trump wielding influence she was not given by the voters, imagine their outrage after learning that Trump is letting Bible-believing Christians advise him!

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