Trump-Hating NBC Reporter Asks America One Question, and America Makes Him Regret It


The mainstream media is so woefully disconnected from mainstream America that it’s almost painful to watch.

Almost. Because the media’s cringe-worthy behavior is overshadowed by the enormous satisfaction of seeing President Trump and the American people get the better of these hypocrites and fools.

With nearly every evening broadcast or public statement, the media elites increasingly isolate themselves from the rest of the nation.

On top of that, they appear to be just plain dumb, or have a VERY selective memory.

NBC’s Chuck Todd got that brutal wake-up call when he tweeted the following question to all Americans:

He wrote Todd: “Anyone with a child under 18 has to be asking themselves, how do I explain the president’s actions especially since he faces no consequences”

Oh, Chuck. That was a bad move.

You see, while Trump has had some pretty good reasoning for most of his big moves, there was one president who did some horrible things without any reason whatsoever beyond his own sexual desires.

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Yes, we’re talking about Bill Clinton, who had the enthusiastic backing of mainstream journalists like Chuck Todd.

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Some noted that there were more recent examples of illicit Democratic behavior, applauded by the media, that was difficult for parents to explain to children:

Journalists like Chuck Todd are either just plain stupid or they are willful hypocrites.

But what really makes me angry is the assumption that they can pull a fast one like this on the America people. They are such elitists that they believe the rest of us are beneath them intellectually.

They don’t think we know any better than what they are telling us at any given moment.

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H/T Independent Journal Review

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