Trump-Hating CNN Just Got the Worst News Possible


Looks like it might be game over for CNN.

The network has foolishly hitched its credibility to smearing the duly-elected president of the United States, Donald Trump.

That’s not a very smart move for a company that relies on the public to boost its television ratings.

The Daily Caller reports that CNN’s ratings are now in free fall.

This month, CNN posted almost 30 percent less viewership compared to last year. That is an enormous decrease for a network that styles itself the leader of a mainstream media resistance to the allegedly “fascist” tendencies of the president.

And, just to rub some salt in that wound, the same report noted that while CNN is suffering its biggest hit in decades, its rivals over at Fox News are enjoying surging ratings.

In fact, Fox News appears to now be beating both CNN and MSNBC combined!

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