Trump-Hater Adele’s Grammy NIGHTMARE Could Cost Her BIG TIME


British singer Adele was the big winner of last night’s Grammys, taking home five awards, including for Best Album. She was also the night’s biggest loser.

During a tribute to fellow British performer George Michael, who died on Christmas Day, Adele fumbled and then cursed on live TV before asking for a do-over.

Despite her very successful night, all anyone’s going to remember is her messing up a song, and then swearing in front of everyone. And in front of all the families watching the Grammys on TV.

That indiscretion could cost her.

Adele has already made herself an enemy of all those Americans who voted for President Trump.

“I feel sorry for you,” she told Americans during a concert in Washington, DC last year. “I’m embarrassed for you.”

The thing is, most Americans who voted Trump are conservatives. And most conservatives tend to hold strong family values, such as raising our children to NOT use bad language.

Adele’s swearing on stage demonstrates that she is not a good role model for our children.

Nor is this by any means the first time she’s done it. Adele’s “potty-mouth” has gotten her in a LOT of trouble in recent years.

At a major performance last summer in the UK, Adele cursed no fewer than 37 times while on stage. The British media really went after her.

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“There were many who thought that Adele was the wrong choice to headline Glastonbury,” reported the Daily Mail. “She had been warned by the BBC, who were broadcasting live, to mind her language.”

Adele apologized at the time, but clearly has not learned her lesson.

And that could hurt her. Will the Grammys or any other major US-based award show ask her to perform live again knowing that she very well could offend a large portion of the viewing public?

WARNING – the following video contains bad language:

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