Trump Has Harsh Words for Fox News


It was one of his few go-to sources of daily news.

But now even Fox News seems to be earning itself a spot on President Trump’s blacklist of “fake news” outlets.

Well, maybe he hasn’t gone that far in his criticism, yet, but Trump is most definitely displeased with Fox News’ apparent recent pandering to the left-wing agenda.

This week, Trump tweeted:

Don’t get why @FoxNews puts losers on like @RepSwalwell (who got ZERO as presidential candidate before quitting), Pramila Jayapal, David Cicilline and others who are Radical Left Haters? The Dems wouldn’t let @FoxNews get near their bad ratings debates, yet Fox panders. Pathetic!

The president leveled similar criticism last month against Fox News host Chris Wallace:

.@SteveScalise blew the nasty & obnoxious Chris Wallace (will never be his father, Mike!) away on Chris’s lowest rated (unless I’m on) morning show. This kind of dumb and unfair interview would never have happened in the @FoxNews past. Great job Steve!

H/T Red Blue Divide

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