Trump Has Had Enough, Vows Extreme Action


No more mister nice guy.

President Trump has just about ran out of tolerance for Congress standing in the way of fulfilling his promises to the American people.

As we all know, one of Trump’s biggest promises was to curb illegal immigration by constructing an impassible barrier along the US-Mexico border.

Congressional leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, have been blocking his efforts to obtain the funding needed for the border wall.

But that’s about to end.

At a White House event last week, Trump insisted on full funding for the wall by the end of this year, or else he’ll facilitate a government shutdown.

From Roll Call:

President Donald Trump has threatened a government shutdown unless Congress hands him more funding for his proposed southern border wall. Now he’s demanding full funding for the project this year.

Trump said he will attempt to secure full funding for his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall during the next congressional appropriations process. That would mean he will demand both chambers approve up to $25 billion for the U.S.-Mexico border barrier, a figure pitched earlier this year by senior White House officials.

The disagreement over how much funding Congress should allocate in a single bill for the proposed barrier helped sink a Senate effort earlier this year to pass an immigration measure. And it could bring the country to the brink of a government shutdown later this year — just weeks before November’s congressional elections.

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