Trump Has 4 Damning Words for Mueller Following Manafort Conviction


Things don’t look good.

Two of Trump’s closest lieutenants during the presidential campaign – Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen – were just convicted of bribery and other financial crimes.

While neither of these convictions are necessarily directly tied to the ongoing witch hunt into allegations that Trump colluded with the Russians to “steal” the election, there is some concern that they might influence the outcome of that investigation.

As such, Trump on Tuesday sought to remind Special Counsel Robert Mueller that the burden of actual proof remains on his shoulders.

Speaking at a rally in Charleston, West Virginia, Trump asked Mueller:

“Where is the collusion?”

It’s no secret the Mueller and his team have failed to come up with any damning evidence whatsoever.

In fact, quite a bit of evidence proving that Trump did NOT collude with Russia has come to light. But, since that doesn’t fit with the liberal narrative, it’s often given very little media coverage.

Via Times of Israel

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