Trump Has 3-Word Message, and a Critical Warning for All Americans


We are at a critical juncture.

Yes, America managed to actually get Donald Trump in the White House. But the battle to protect America from the dangerous liberal agenda is far from over.

Congressional midterm elections are upon us, and Republicans need to understand that things are as urgent now as they were during the 2016 presidential election.

“Don’t get complacent,” Trump told a massive rally in Mesa, Arizona on Friday.

Stressing the need for conservatives to remain fired up, Trump warned what would happen to America if his presidency is hamstrung by a Democrat-controlled Congress.

From Breitbart live blog of the event:

Trump now warning voters that if radical Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and “cryin’ Chuck Schumer” take over Congress, they’ll raise taxes, impose socialism (turn us into another Venuzuela), and open borders to ruthless gangs and drugs (“come on in, everybody!”)

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