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Will Trump Tolerate Palestinian Treachery Like Obama?


Israel is eagerly awaiting President-elect Donald Trump’s shake-up of American policy vis-a-vis the Middle East conflict.

Last week, “moderate” Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said he would never recognize Israel as the legitimate state and homeland of the Jewish people.

And that is a theme that Abbas and his mentor and predecessor, Yasser Arafat, have promoted for decades, contrary to claims that they are Israel’s peace partners.

Israel’s Worst Enemy

Israel Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz responded by calling Abbas “the number one enemy of the very existence of Israel. Even more than Arafat.”

Steinitz, a former professor, was initially a supporter of the peace process under Bill Clinton that led to the so-called “Oslo Accords.” But the failure of the left-wing agenda long ago resulted in Steinitz becoming a conservative hawk.

Back to Trump, Steinitz and many other Israelis are hoping the no-nonsense businessman-turned-leader of the free world will see through the Palestinian treachery.

Be Like Obama

But the Palestinians are urging Trump to pick up where outgoing President Barack Obama will leave off, and officially recognize a Palestinian state.

Which way will Trump go?

H/T Ynetnews

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