Trump Goes Ballistic After Catching Melania Doing the Unthinkable


After a long day of meetings and press events, President Trump walked into the living quarters aboard Air Force One and nearly toppled over in disbelief.

There was his wife, Melania, watching none other than CNN.

Yes, CNN, the news network that has take it upon itself to lead a media rebellion against our democratically-elected president. The same CNN that seizes every opportunity to smear and badmouth Trump and his family.

Melania could have been getting her news from any one of a number of television networks. But she chose CNN.

Trump, quite understandably, was furious, according to a New York Times report on the incident.

While we’re not sure how this all played out between Trump and his First Lady, hours later Melania’s spokeswoman stated that she will watch “any channel she wants.”

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