Trump Gives Tom Hanks EPIC Slap-Down After Actor Tries to Tell President What To Do


We all love Tom Hanks. At least as an actor. But it’s when Hollywood elites start to think their fame gives them a platform to tell the American people what to think that we’ve got a BIG problem.

People like Hanks are rich and famous because they successfully entertain us. And that’s it. We don’t want their political input.

Unfortunately, Hanks’ latest movie, “The Post,” is all about politics and the mainstream media, so he’s been using the promotional tour to really lay into President Trump.

At one point, and interviewer asked Hanks if he’s approve of the movie being screened at the Trump White House.

Hanks rejected the idea.

In a move so epic only Trump would do it, just days later the president requested and received an advance copy of “The Post” to…you guessed it, screen at the White House.

Now, as Mad World News pointed out, Trump probably has no interest in actually seeing a movie about his arch-enemies in the mainstream media acted out by celebrities who hate him.

But it did give Trump a change to show Hanks who’s the boss.

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