Trump Gets Sweet Revenge on NBA Champ’s Who Won’t Visit White House


It used to be in America that even if you didn’t vote for the president, you still demonstrated a certain level of respect and decorum.

For instance, you didn’t turn down invitations to the White House, for crying out loud!

But, it seems that has become the new favorite means of protest for entitled professional athletes.

Add the Golden State Warriors to that list.

After securing their second NBA championship in three years, the Warriors reportedly voted to turn down any invitation to the Trump White House.

Nancy Pelosi immediately inserted herself into the budding controversy by inviting the Warriors to visit HER on Capitol Hill.

Of course, Trump hasn’t yet issued any such invitation to the White House, and given the Warriors’ childish behavior, he probably won’t.

He already got some degree of revenge by refusing to acknowledge whatsoever the Warriors historic NBA victory.

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Hey, Warriors – you know who has more followers and fans than you? Donald Trump.

Might not want to get on his bad side.

H/T Liberty Writers

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