Trump Finds WH Visitor Log, Exposes Obama’s SICK Secret Guests


Now that President Trump has the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, all kinds of deep, dark secrets about Obama are sure to come out.

Ironic, considering how often Obama claimed his presidency was the most transparent in US history.

The latest revelation came when Trump’s staff started going through visitor logs from the previous administration.

Two names immediately stuck out.

Seyed Mousavian, a former Iranian diplomat who once headed the Iranian National Security Council. And Trita Parsi, an advocate for the Islamist regime in Tehran.

Mousavian visited the Obama White House three times, while Parsi was a guest no fewer than 33 times!

In other words, these men were around so often you could consider them advisers. Islamists who support the ayatollahs in Iran.

Are we starting to see how “Barry” could dismiss all the warnings around him and push through a devastatingly bad Iran nuclear deal?

As the Western Journalism reported:

“Mousavian and Parsi helped create the so-called ‘echo chamber’ that was instrumental in selling the nuclear agreement to Congress and the American public.

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“Obama’s top foreign policy aid Ben Rhodes boasted last year how he and other top Obama officials started ‘a sophisticated campaign to reshape the national narrative on Iran.'”

Freedom Daily pointed out that this is particularly damning after Obama jumped on the bandwagon of accusing Trump of working too closely with Russia.

“So the Obama administration had no problem trying to spread of an irrational fear of Russia’s government (and Hillary Clinton seemed to want war with them), but it worked with a government that publicly declares they want death to ours.”

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