Trump Finally Breaks His Silence Over Attack on American Diplomats in Cuba


With all the other nonsense the media these days, it went largely unnoticed that a number of American diplomats were recently attacked in Cuba.

A series of sonic attacks have left dozens of US diplomatic staff injured, including some who lost their hearing and others who suffered mild brain trauma.

In fact, a number of other locations in the Cuban capital were similarly attacked.

President Trump has been conspicuously quiet on the topic.

But White House sources did finally say something this week, indicating that an investigation is ongoing.

McClatchy reported:

The White House does not believe the Cuban government is behind the mysterious sonic attacks against U.S. personnel but plans to pull American staff out of Havana as the number of cases climbs, according to multiple U.S. sources familiar with the investigation.

“No one believes that the Cubans are responsible,” said one source, echoing comments from others who are closely involved in the situation. “All of the evidence points that they’re not.”

Sources would not say who U.S. intelligence believes is responsible.

The Trump administration will soon begin a major withdrawal of staff from the U.S. embassy in Havana after seeing the number of Americans affected by this “sonic device” rise to 25 from 21. While the first cases were reported months ago, some have surfaced in just the last several weeks, according to two sources.

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