Trump Family Just Announced Devastating News… Please Pray


The Trump family – the entire family, not just President Trump – continues to come under unprecedented attack by liberals.

And the children – even those who haven’t yet been born – are not being spared this tidal wave of ugliness.

Public and personal smears might roll off the back of someone like Donald Trump. But a child is far less equipped to handle such attacks, which can easily lead to depression, or worse.

It is incredibly unfair of some liberals to attack the Trump children, and it shows their true colors.

But the most ridiculous had to be an attack by overrated comedian Chelsea Handler on a Trump child who’s still in the womb!

Maybe Handler was educated in “common core”? Cause that’s not how you spell “genes”, which of course are the portions of DNA that serve as the basic units of heredity.

Eric Trump, whose wife Lara is pregnant with the child in question, was quick to respond.

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His brother, Donald Jr., jumped in with a much more scathing reply.

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Handler later reacted by explaining away her spelling error as a result of being “stoned.”

What a class act.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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