Trump Facing Charges of TREASON Over…


President-elect Donald Trump is already facing charges of treason. But that was to be expected given how outraged liberals are by his victory.

The problem is that Trump’s cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin might be giving them some ammunition.

Law professor and former senior State Department official John Shattuck said Trump’s behavior should “raise eyebrows.”

“Seventeen US national intelligence agencies have unanimously concluded that Russia engaged in cyberwarfare against the US presidential campaign,” Shattuck wrote in the Boston Globe.

“As president-elect, he should have a strong interest in presenting a united front against Russia’s interference with the electoral process at the core of American democracy,” he continued.

A steady stream of liberal celebrities went further, accusing Trump of outright treason.

“I don’t think Trump committed treason with this tweet, but he’s in the neighborhood,” tweeted ThinkProgress Editor Judd Legum.

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“What’s the threshold for treason?” wondered community activist Deray McKesson.

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“This is borderline treasonous. I don’t know what Putin has on this cat, but my Lord, it must be incredible. God help us,” wailed MTV senior writer Jamil Smith.

Of course, not one of these liberals had a problem with President Obama honoring the late dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

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