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Trump Faces ASSASSINATION SCARE With Inauguration Day Coming


Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day is going to be a security nightmare. And liberals who seem determined to incite the president-elect’s assassination are only making matters worse.

Isn’t it odd that the media has been reported increased gun sales to “non-traditional” customers? Why are “minorities, gay people and…liberals” suddenly buying the guns they lobbied against?

Well, if you are versed on American political history, you might know the reason.

History of Assassinations

We have had four president’s and two major national political figures assassinated. And there is a common denominator in all those killings.

Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King – they were all assassinated by left-wingers.

Democrats, socialists, communists, anarchists – these are the backgrounds of historical political assassins in America. Not conservatives.

That’s why it is so ludicrous that the liberal media is trying to paint Trump’s victory as a danger to our nation. When in fact the real danger comes from liberals who can’t tolerate not getting their way.

Just read our history.

Think it can’t happen again?

“…we’ve already had quite a few stories of leftists arrested for threatening to kill Trump,” warned Warner Todd Huston over at Constitution.

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For instance, “a man in New York was apprehended after murdering a UPS driver whom the murderer still insists was Donald Trump.”

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