Trump Ends War on Christmas With What Some Are Calling a “Biblical” Speech


Some still question whether or not President Trump is a genuine Christian.

Honestly, that’s ultimately a matter between God and Trump himself. But, in the meantime, there can be no question that Trump is stepping to the front-liness in defending Christianity against an ever-aggressive liberal onslaught.

Over the past decade, it has become taboo to wish someone a “Merry Christmas,” and is all but forbidden to actually talk publicly about the “reason for the season.”

The thing is, Trump doesn’t care about all that politically-correct nonsense.

So, when he lit the national Christmas tree on December 1, Trump boldly proclaimed:

“For Christians this is a holy season, the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Christmas story begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son, and the most extraordinary gift of all – the gift of God’s love for all of humanity.

“Whatever our beliefs we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history. There’s hardly an aspect of our lives today that His life has not touched – art, music, culture, law and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person, everywhere in the world.”

Some folks are calling the speech “biblical” in its scope and impact. In Trump, liberals and atheists are certainly feeling that they’ve been hit with a catastrophe of “biblical” proportions.

Here’s to four more years of returning America to its proper, Christian roots!

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