Trump Drops Scorching Hot NUKE on Jussie Smollett


President Trump and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel finally agree on something – that actor Jussie Smollett is an idiot who evaded justice.

Speaking at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump called what happened with Smollett in Chicago a “terrible situation.”

He was referring to the recent incident in which Smollett claimed to have been attacked on the street by hostile racist Trump supporters.

Of course, as we all now know, what really happened is that Smollett hired two men to beat him up and scream “MAGA!” in order to falsely smear the president.

But even more outrageous than Smollett’s crime is that prosecutors ultimately decided to drop all 16 felony charges against the actor.

“That’s an embarrassment not only to Chicago, that is an embarrassment to our country,” said Trump.

Rahm Emanuel, former-President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, fully agreed.

“This is an unbelievable not just whitewash of justice. This is a person now who has been let off scot-free with no sense of accountability of the moral and ethical wrong of his actions from top to bottom,” Emanuel said in a press conference.

But, as Trump indicated, “MAGA country” still prevails.

“Despite all that we’ve been forced to endure every day, we are working, and fighting, and winning. Remember that. Because we are making America great again, and we’re making it great for all Americans, all Americans,” the president encouraged his supporters.

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Sorry, Jussie. You might’ve gotten away with it, but you still lose.

Source: Breitbart

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