Trump Drops Massive Truth-Bomb and Now Liberal European Leaders are Losing Their Minds


President Trump has no time or patience for diplomatic niceties.

If he’s going to fly thousands of miles to sit with European leaders for a few hours, he expects something to get done.

And so, during a breakfast kicking off the NATO summit in Brussels, Trump got DIRECTLY to the point.

He asked those gathered why America should continue to spend massive amounts of money funding an organization established to defend Germany and the rest of Europe against a Russian threat when Germany is busy making it’s own ill-advised deals with Moscow.

Trump pointed to an agreement between Germany and Russia to build a new gas pipeline that would enable Russia to deliver much more natural gas to Germany, while bypassing countries in between like Poland and Ukraine.

A number of European nations are opposed to the deal, as is Trump, who noted that it effectively means that “Germany is totally controlled by Russia.”

Needless to say, the Europeans were taken aback by Trump’s remarks, which were expected to create a great deal of tension when he later met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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