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Palestinian Leader Says Trump Doesn’t Have the Balls to Move Embassy to Jerusalem


Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday said President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t have the balls to actually move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Trump and his transition team have repeatedly promised they will move the embassy, but have given no firm timetable.

Most US presidential candidates over the past two decades have promised to move the US Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem. But none have actually followed through.

In 1995, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act demanding that the mission be returned to the Israeli capital.

The US joined with most other nations in moving their embassies to Tel Aviv in the early 1980s to protest Israel’s annexation of the eastern side of Jerusalem.

Again, besides Barack Obama, most presidents in recent memory have supported Israel’s position that Jerusalem is its eternal, undivided capital.

But every one of them has indefinitely delayed the embassy by citing “national security interests.”

Trump promises to be different, but Abbas and the Palestinians think he’s bluffing.

However, should Trump prove true to his word, the Arabs are promising a surprise of their own. Region-wide violence against American interests.

The US Embassy returning to the Holy City would have “irreversible consequences,” Abbas said on Tuesday.

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Earlier, top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat warned that if the US Embassy to Israel returned to Jerusalem, America would have to close every other of its embassies in the Middle East.

And not because Arab leaders would demand it, continued Erekat. But rather because the Arab Muslim public would erupt in violent outrage.

The Palestinians claim that the eastern side of Jerusalem is their future capital, despite the fact that Judaism’s holiest site is located there. And that the Bible and numerous other sources attest to thousands of years of Jewish sovereignty over the city.

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