Trump Does Something Incredible After ‘Bikers For Trump’ Rally Gets Rained Out


President Trump sure knows how to make his core constituents feel appreciated.

Many try to paint Trump as something different, as an aloof billionaire who has no real concern for the “little man.”

But incidents like the following continue to prove them wrong, to prove that Trump really is “America’s president,” from the most successful citizen all the way down to the average Joe’s who make this nation great.

Over the weekend, hundreds of members of the nationwide “Bikers for Trump” movement held a rally outside the president’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Among their numbers were many military veterans.

It was a powerful display, but then the rains started. The downpour became so unbearable that it appeared the rally would break up and participants would be forced to return home.

That’s when Trump opened the gates and brought everyone inside his home.

That’s leadership.

Via Daily Caller

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