Trump Did It! This $5 BILLION Gift Has Americans CHEERING!


Whether by direct action or by virtue of the “Trump effect,” in just a few short months the president has indeed put America back on the path to greatness.

One of the biggest wins he’s brought us is forcing major corporations to bring jobs back to America.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a surprise move given the recent shuttering of brick-and-mortar stores across the nation, the international discount supermarket chain Aldi announced Monday plans to open new 900 stores in the United States and hire an additional 25,000 Americans by the end of 2022.

In a press statement, Aldi announced that it would be investing a whopping $5 BILLION in the American market over the next five years.

Important to note is that this is a new announcement, a fresh business decision for Aldi. Meaning it was made after Trump entered the White House, and quite possibly BECAUSE Trump entered the White House.

Since taking office, Trump has implemented a number of business-friendly policies, as well as taken aim at corporations that cheat the American worker by using cheap foreign labor.

Aldi is just one of the first. Get ready for a LOT more jobs to return to America under Trump.

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