Trump Did It – Just Saved Taxpayers $375 Million With One Brilliant Move That Has Democrats Spitting Mad


Food stamps. A program meant to help the neediest Americans that has, under Democratic sponsorship, turned into a national joke.

But, here comes President Trump to fix the problem, and liberals are none too happy, because they don’t ACTUALLY care about the wellbeing of fellow Americans.

Trump has decided that Americans on welfare were abusing the food stamp program, known officially as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and so he’s going to stop giving them so much.

The upcoming 2019 budget is slated to cut food stamps in half, and instead provide those in need with USDA food packages containing actual food.

You see, the problem was that those on welfare were using food stamps to buy nothing but junk food, with the top item being soft drinks.

In fact, an estimated $375 MILLION in food stamps was being spent on soft drinks every year.

That’s outrageous, and Trump’s going to put an end to it.

His plan will in fact save taxpayers much more. The food packages instead of food stamps will reportedly save the government BILLIONS of dollars each year.

This is what true governance looks like.

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