Trump Deports a “Terrible” Human From America – No Other President Would Touch It


The last known Nazi collaborator believed to be living in the US has been arrested and deported to Germany.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents removed 95-year-old Jakiw Palij from his home in Queens, New York, thanks to an order from President Donald Trump. Palij arrived in Germany early Tuesday morning and was taken to an assisted living facility.


Palij was an armed guard at the Treblinka death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II. Palij lied to American immigration officials about his role as an SS officer when he immigrated to the US in 1949.

“President Trump commends his Administration’s comprehensive actions, especially ICE’s actions, in removing this war criminal from United States soil,” read a statement from the White House.

“Despite a court ordering his deportation in 2004, past administrations were unsuccessful in removing Palij,” the statement continued. “To protect the promise of freedom for Holocaust survivors and their families, President Trump prioritized the removal of Palij.”

“Through extensive negotiations, President Trump and his team secured Palij’s deportation to Germany and advanced the United States’ collaborative efforts with a key European ally.”

The Treblinka death camp where Palij served as a guard was one of the deadliest Nazi camps. In November of 1943, 6,000 prisoners were killed in one day, all shot by SS police. Jewish laborers were then brought in to burn and bury the dead before they too were shot and killed.

After lying to gain entry into the US, Palij remained hidden until 2003 when he was tracked down by federal authorities. His US citizenship was revoked and was ordered to be deported.

“Palij had lied about being a Nazi and remained in the United States for decades,” said a statement from officials. “Palij’s removal sends a strong message: The United States will not tolerate those who facilitated Nazi crimes and other human rights violations, and they will not find a safe haven on American soil.”

Germany, however, would not take in Palij as he was never a German citizen. Palij was born in an area of Poland that is now a part of Ukraine, and neither country would take him in either.

A new cabinet under Chancellor Angele Merkel had a change of heart earlier this year and finally accepted to take Palij in. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that Germany had a “moral duty” to “come to terms with and face up to the crimes of the Nazi reign of terror.”

“Jakiw Palij lied about his Nazi past to immigrate to this country and then fraudulently become an American citizen,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “He had no right to citizenship or to even be in this country.”

“Today, the Justice Department — led by Eli Rosenbaum and our fabulous team in the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section, formerly the Office of Special Investigations — successfully helped remove him from the United States, as we have done with 67 other Nazis in the past.”

Palij’s deportation had bi-partisan support, with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) saying that the US is “no place for a war criminal.”

“I’m glad this man is finally being sent back,” said Schumer. “He’s a war criminal and did not deserve to live in the US. He doesn’t deserve to die in the U.S., a place of freedom and equality where we respect each other’s differences.”

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