Trump Delivers Epic Speech, Then Picks Up Texas Flag and Does Something Truly Amazing


Trump demonstrated to all Americans how truly presidential he is during his visit to Texas this week.

Sadly, though as expected, many of the most powerful moments were ignored by the mainstream media.

After arriving in Corpus Cristi with First Lady Melania to assist in efforts to help Texans get through the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, Trump delivered a truly epic speech.

Gov. Abbott thanked Trump for his support, and then Trump said those words Texans so badly needed to hear:

“This is historic and epic what happened, but you know what, it happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything.

At that moment, Trump picked up the flag of Texas and began waving it.

It was a simple gesture, but one that only a true leader would understand how to properly use to uplift his people in their hour of need.

Texas pride quickly spread through the roaring crowd, infusing the people with the strength they needed to push on through the storm, literally.

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H/T American Journal Review

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